Lovely Little Dolls


Hello Lovelies

Hello there!

My name is M Louise. As in the letter M and Louise squished together. 

Welcome to my little creative space in the internet. This page is all things paper dolls, paper puppets or possibly you, whatever we want to call it. I have found my artistic passion in creating handcrafted paper dolls and I am so glad that I can share them with you. 

I often times find myself thinking in stop motion. My favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox, so it is only natural for myself to think in little burst of movement. One day I watched my daughter, a tiny dancer, she swung her arms around her head, she pirouetted, she leaped, she was just brilliant. I tried to figure out when, and where, and how her little body moved. I imagined her as a little paper doll, brads for joints, sculpted layers of hair on her head, a tiny version of herself that maybe one day she could play with. From there, and many prototypes later, I have finally perfected the craft!

So how is this all going to work? Currently our dolls are launching 8/1/18 on Etsy, but you can go ahead and favorite our shop, linked here. The dolls are $20 each and shipping is $7 domestic to the United States. We have photo guidelines here, because all orders are online, you must adhere to these rules, these insure accuracy and a quality product. If you have any other questions, you can use our tab "How To Order" and it will have all guidelines or you can email us at Along with, the many custom orders I hope will come, I will have my passion pieces, stop motion videos. You can find those in the tab labeled "Film". 

These dolls are for display. They come with the option to make them magnetic to be used with our farmhouse frames (which are $25, also launching on Etsy 8/1/18). With this option, you can change your dolls clothes and pose and repose your dolls. Personally, I love this choice, because when you take a family portrait, you can be stuck with awkward faces or body positions, but now you are in control! Another option, we make the dolls and you can frame them however you would like. 

You can follow us on Instagram @lovely.littledolls or on Facebook at Lovely Yellow Door.

I am excited to share and show!

Thanks! - M Louise

M. Louise Allen